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CHOUCHOU 創意誌接受各類創意工作者投稿您的作品,請依下列規則提供您的作品資訊,我們將會主動與您聯繫刊登。

一、影像類作品必須提供寬度 1600px ( 或以上 ) 解析度之圖檔。
二、影、音像作品請上傳至 Vimeo 或 Youtube 等空間,並提供公開網址。

來信寄至 信件標題「作品投稿 – 姓名」。

Chouchou ( CCMO ) are accepting submissions form any kind of works by designers, musicians and other creative workers. Please provide informations of your work by following rules and we will contact you as soon as possibly.

1. Graphic designs, print matters, photography must have at least 1600px wide.
2. A VFX, films, animations or motion works must be uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo as HD format.
3. Provide your personal information and work information as detail as possibly.
4. The work can containing a commercial purpose, but if it is, provide a buying link of it as well.

Submit your great works to ( E-mail title: Submissions – Your Name )

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本站誠摯邀請有意參與 團隊之業餘寫手,您不需擁有專業撰文功力,僅需帶著您的熱誠以及對分享新知、趣聞的強大興趣,歡迎您來信洽詢。


來信寄至 信件標題「加入 Chouchou 創意誌」。

We are recruiting anybody who is crazily loves to share News, Funny Stories about Design, Arts and Living styles. You don’t have to be a professional in writing. Just provide an article link that you wrote before, we will contact you as soon as possibly.

Submit your great works to ( E-mail title: Join Chouchou – Your Name )