Before I Die

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這是一個非常有趣的公共藝術,「Before I Die – I want to …」想一想你死之前,有什麼事情是對你來說真正重要的事呢?有哪些人是你真正在意的?這個由「Candy」發起的公共藝術作品,獲得相當廣大的回響,無論是惡搞的、有趣的或是一些令人鼻酸的答案,都真真實實的反應在這面巨大的黑板上,你,想寫什麼在上面呢?

這個活動發起於美國新紐澳良,現在已經累積兩萬五千筆人們的心聲,而這些寶貴且有趣的心聲來自世界上七個國家,看看這些人的留言,你能感受到身為一個人類,願望原來如此的渺小。Project Site


這是一個非常、非常有意義的活動,我認為某種程度上解放了人們對於現實生活的壓力,提供了一個發洩的管道,透過這個塗鴉牆,每個人都在提醒自己,What really matters.

提供各位一些國外媒體的註解,順便也想一想,你死之前要幹嘛。(如果想了解更完整的內容,請直接連結到 Before I Die )

“They’re the stuff of everyday life from people of all walks of life… Young or old, rich or poor, the [Before I Die] wall does make you think as you walk by.” —NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams

“Before I Die is merely one of the most creative community projects ever.” —The Atlantic

“Through a series of large-scale projects that combine installation art with social activism, Chang has encouraged people to engage with public spaces to let their voices be heard.” —O, The Oprah Magazine

“Death can inspire life. Especially in New Orleans, on the corner of Marigny and Burgundy, where the Before I Dieproject has used the specter of urban decay and death to create art and inspire. Using a boarded up house as a canvas, artist Candy Chang transformed a haunting reminder of blight and divestment into a powerful affirmation of human life and imagination.” – Life and Times

“The notion of turning a neglected space into an active invitation to engage with your community and get to know your neighbors is a wonderful embodiment of enlightened urbanism. What’s more, it’s a reminder that not all meaningful social platforms are accessed through a screen — an inspired antidote to the Foursquarification of urban social quasi-interaction.” – Brain Pickings



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